Project Description

October 7th 2021 — October 16th 2021

Tue-Sat: 12:00 – 20:00

by Nourako

Survival Strategies


Project Gallery

The Project Gallery starts the program of individual presentations with the first solo exhibition of a very special and distinct visual artist, Fanouris Moraitis (Nourako) entitled Survival Strategies . It is a single installation that includes post-processed 3d prints, fabric sculptures, digital prints and interactive video.

Fanouris Moraitis with his specific work develops and expands his personal research and experimentation, explores new possibilities of illustration and new qualities of narration, proposes a different perception of viewing, interpretation and intervention.

His proposal constitutes a complete and multidimensional formatting, a multiple connection of images and situations, allusions and rivets, rich and rich in content, connotations and multiple readings. He identifies this section of his work as Calendar Sculpture.

In the diary one records what one wants to stay, what is important; and it is important because it captures an inner movement. With the difference that this particular diary has sculptures instead of words.

The clash of man and animal is one of the constant arrests of Fanouris Moraitis in his work, the one that surprises with the unfamiliar and the unexpected that it creates. At the center of his sculptural narrative, as a cohesive link, is the koala: an animal completely foreign and at the same time “exotic” to the recipients of the Greek landscape. Nevertheless, it is an animal that draws associations of innocence, childhood and tenderness, while at the same time having the characterization as an “endangered species” – Maria Theodoropoulou.

With a key social and political reflection, unconventional spirit and conscious moral attitude, Fanouris Moraitis depicts his vital relationship with the world by raising issues of ontological order, approaching the contradictions and complexity of a transitional era, the inconceivable efforts and insecurities on a personal and collective level, capturing the moments of capture and isolation, however, proposing the adoption of new forms of coexistence, solidarity and communication, survival and transcendence.


A few words about the artist:

Fanouris Moraitis (Nourako) lives and works in Athens.
In his works, images of worlds are recorded – through analog and digital plastic, the production of software and the self-publishing of small books.
He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering & Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Crete and obtained an MSc. in Art and Technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden On a scholarship from Foundation A. S. Onasis.
He also attended classes at the Art Students League of New York and is a graduate of the Sculpture Laboratory of the Athens School of Fine Arts, where he teaches Digital Art.